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Blank Tiles

A SCRABBLE World Champion suffers from Alzehimer's disease

Fictional SCRABBLE World Champion, Austin Michaels knew over 200,000 words. Then he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.


Since then Austin has been in a race against time to document his memories, his greatest achievements, before they fade from his mind and the world forever. Once the toast of the board game world; Michaels’ life was full of bottomless champagne and endless parties. But now it's pills, tape recorders and doctor's appointments as he spends his time searching for the right words.


Blank Tiles is a story of love; a love of scrabble, a love of a girl, a love for life. It explores how powerful words can be, how memories shape us into the people we are and what happens to a person when those memories fade from our mind..

“Funny, clever, engaging and affecting…Incredibly moving”

The Upside News  ★★★★★


“A seamless balance of humour, pathos and personal expression that is also

desperately clever and faultlessly executed” Great Scott  ★★★★★

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