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“A superbly intelligent one man show…Blank Tiles is verging on a Theatrical triumph.”

Edfringe Review ★★★★★


“Funny, clever, engaging and affecting…Incredibly moving”

The Upside News (Australia) ★★★★★


“A seamless balance of humour, pathos and personal expression that is also desperately clever and faultlessly executed”

Great Scott (Australia) ★★★★★


“MEMORY is a savage and beautiful thing and this one-man play captures this perfectly with a subtlety and humour that gripped the audience from the first moment.”

The Advertiser (Australia) ★★★★ ½

“This funny, sad, insightful show should appeal to both the Scrabble fraternity and also to those who have never touched a tile.”

KRYZTOFF (Australia) ★★★★ ½


“A performance of masterful quality”

Glam Adelaide (Australia) ★★★★ ½


“A powerful monologue… definitely one you shouldn’t miss.”

Bouquets & Brickbats (UK) ★★★★½


“An honest and authentic look at the painful illness that is Alzheimer’s disease…an emotional roller-coaster that will stay with you once you leave the venue”

This Is Radelaide (Australia) ★★★★


“A touching study of a man holding on to the end”

Broadway Baby (UK) ★★★★


“Cole cleverly delivers a thought-provoking and well-considered piece.”

Fringe Guru (UK) ★★★★


“Cole performs this fictional, autobiographical life story with great heart, bags of whimsical wit and a real sense of fear”

Edinburgh Guide (UK) ★★★★


The Wee Review (UK) ★★★★

Daily Mail (UK) ★★★★

The List (UK) ★★★★

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