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Case Numbers (The Briefcase)


This is a storytelling show.
It's about a man who inherited a locked briefcase.
It's about how he figured out the combination.
So it's about case numbers... but not in that way.
It has nothing to do with COVID.
So relax.
It's about guessing numbers and trying to open a briefcase.
I suppose it's like a slightly more interesting episode of Deal or No Deal.
And If they can get an hour's worth of material out of that show, surely I can too.

Not sold yet? Here is some marketing speak:
Case Numbers is a meta-thriller that analyses the narrative conventions used in writing. It is a show that has no beginning or ending and while there is a middle, it is entirely pointless. Yet beneath the self-referential layers, it is at its heart a story that has all the twists and turns of a trashy Dan Brown novel, and the overly complex and confusing narrative of a Christopher Nolan film that will leave you saying you liked it, even though you didn't, because you don't want to appear unintelligent

"The show is, hands-down, one of the best comedy acts the Adelaide Fringe has seen" ★★★★1/2

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