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In Development - Coming Soon

Amidst an increasingly desolate landscape - a couple who are in the middle of doing nothing receive the unexpected news that they are both pregnant. As they come to terms with their diagnosis. They grapple with their fears for their future and wrestle with the morality of bringing children into an overpopulated world.


In the style of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and Caryl Churchill’s Escaped Alone. Goldilocks is a new play written by Dylan Cole and builds on the best parts of the absurdist tradition - a duologue that is fast-paced, funny, surreal and existential. The show features two actors and an all knowing dog (who may or not be real) and explores themes of overpopulation and the cumulative effects that small individual decisions have on the world and the generations that inherit it. The play mirrors the generational challenge of an issue like Climate Change and what happens when you defer the problem to someone else.dd.

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